The Future of Cannabis Starts Here

Bringing the untapped opportunities within the Cannabis industry to light.

The Cannabis Investors Summit (CIS) is a ground-breaking culmination of top industry thought leaders, investors, and influencers.

Broward County, Florida

Our Purpose

CIS exists for three primary reasons; to connect, educate & inform. Here's what attendees can expect.


This year's CIS will feature a host of entrepreneurs, cannabis activists, former professional athletes, social media influencers, and thought leaders who each have one unifying purpose: to unearth new possibilities throughout the cannabis industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with these world-renowned leaders to gain a unique insider perspective.


With a full lineup of speakers from a broad range of backgrounds, CIS will offer cutting-edge information, policy updates, and pending legalizations to ensure that attendees have a comprehensive market understanding.


The cannabis industry is one of the nation's fastest-growing opportunities, especially in Florida. At CIS, attendees will learn the key trends, up-and-upcoming developments, and untapped investment mediums on the near horizon.

Florida Projections

This year's CIS will pay special attention to Florida, one of the fastest growing states for cannabis. With over 435,000 patients served by nearly 290 dispensaries that will net over +$1 Billion in projected sales for 2021, the market is surging.


Surprisingly, Florida is the 3rd largest market despite pending legalization. For early investors, the post legalization growth potential could yield significant ROI, a reality that this year's CIS will explore in-depth.

What to Expect

CIS is divided into five primary events, offering a 360 degree look into the cannabis industry throughout Florida and nationwide.  

Women of THC & CBD

a discussion centered around the female trailblazers making waves with THC & CBD.

Alternative Cannabis Investment Opportunities

a glimpse into the secondhand positive growth spurred by the cannabis industry.

Headlining Panel
The State of Cannabis

an informative session delving into the most pressing updates, developments, and news throughout the industry.

Cannabis & Real Estate

a deep dive into the real estate business opportunities surrounding commercial cannabis farms, supply chains, and dispensaries.

Why Florida?

a look into the factors that make Florida an especially attractive growing market for cannabis in the months and years to come.

Featured Guests

We are proud to have some of the world's top cannabis experts, innovators, and business leaders joining us at CIS. 


Natacha St. Louis

CIGN - Chief Operating Officer

Serena & Larry Morrisey

The Ganja Clinic Co-Owners

Mystery Guest